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Posted on: March 24, 2009 6:00 pm

Prove It Season For TT

Sorry folks, but this will be Ted Thompsons final season as Packer GM if things do not improve greatly. I think Ted has frustrated and annoyed each and everyone one of us at some time. Yes TT has the right philosphy you build through the draft and fill spots in free agency. However he does not even use free agency. The fact that he did not use it this year just baffles me. I think the guy honestly thinks he has a job next season even if the Packers produce another underachieving 6-10 or even 8-8. Just look at Ted's record through the years.

Year 1: 4-12 now granted most of this was due to Mike Sherman's problems as GM and just a ravish of injuries especially at running back. That being said 4-12 is never acceptable period. 

Year 2: 8-8 nice rebound season team nearly made the playoffs and Ted had my full approval after this season it appeared he was on the right track.

Year 3: 13-3 obviously this was an excellent season very disappointing ending, but a very good season.

Year 4: 6-10 horrible offseason that led to the complete mishandling of the Favre situation by TT and Mark Murphy. Then the season was ugly and disappointing losing way to many close games. Rodgers was good enough though that we should not have dropped off that far just inexcusable in my book.

That is 1 winning season in 4 years here now next season if this team improves which they should anything 8-8 or less and in my opinion how can you possibly bring this guy back.

Bottom line is we will have a very good idea come next season if Ted Thompson is the man to lead this team anymore in the front office. Now that they have switched to the 3-4 and brought in this new group of guys to fix the defense it better work or else. I don't want to hear the whole it takes time for it to work it better be working by the end of the season and this team best be in the playoff hunt and finish at least 9-7. Let's hope this upcoming draft is better then Ted's latest drafts which have been less then stellar. All I know is TT and MM have a major prove something season ahead and failure to do so means one or both of their jobs.

By the way if and when that happens that we have another crummy season and TT and MM are both gone I think we need to go extremely hard at Bill Chower. I can see him coming here we have a similar climate and fanbase to Pittsburgh. Plus I would go crazy if he came here cause I love Bill.

Prove me Thompson at least 9-7 and hopefully a playoff berth or else!!!!!!



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