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Posted on: October 27, 2008 12:45 am
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2008-2009 NBA Season Predictions

Well folks the NBA Season is upon us and it is certain to be an exciting year. So here are my predictions for how the season will pan out and what to expect.

Eastern Conference

(1) Boston Celtics 61-21
(5) Toronto Raptors 45-37
(6) Philadelphia 76ers 43-39
New Jersey Nets 32-50
New York Knicks 20-62

Atlantic analysis: Boston should see a slight drop off with the loss of James Posey and also just the fact that the defending champs often don't have quite the same motivation they had the previous year. Toronto should be improved with the addition of Jermaine O'Neal if he can stay on the court that gives them a solid group of Jose Calderon, Chris Bosh, and Jermaine O'Neal. Philadelphia should also improve with the addition of Elton Brand. While I like the Nets move to get Yi Jianlian don't expect to see an improvement in the standings at all. The Knicks well let's just say I'm not buying the D'Antoni move. I have always felt D'Antoni was overrated and I don't really think he is a great fit in New York.

(2) Detroit Pistons 57-25
(4) Cleveland Cavaliers 47-35
(7) Milwaukee Bucks 38-44
Indiana Pacers 34-48
Chicago Bulls 33-49

Central analysis: The Pistons still rule the central as they should still be very solid with one of the best starting 5's in the league and the improvement of some bench players like Stuckey. The Cavs should be pretty solid as well I like the addition of Mo Williams I think this will give LeBron a possible partner. Milwaukee Bucks I love their off season moves I think the Bucks have created a solid team that has a lot of potential. I think Richard Jefferson will be huge to that offense and Scott Skiles should be able to get his defensive philosophy instilled on these guys eventually. Indiana and Chicago will be not too far out of the playoff picture.

(3)Orlando Magic 54-28
(8)Miami Heat 37-45
Washington Wizards 35-47
Atlanta Hawks 31-51
Charlotte Bobcats 25-57

Southeast analysis: The Magic should be able to easily win this division I like the addition of Mickael Pietrus in the back court. I also like Stan Van Gundy I think he is one of the more underrated coaches in the league. Miami Heat added in Micheal Beasley and Dwayne Wade appears to be back healthy. These few things should help Miami improve greatly not so sure if it is worth 22 games, but I will by into the hype they are getting and say it will. The Wizards I see dropping of Agent Zero can't stay healthy. Atlanta Hawks will likely drop off after a really good season for them last year. I'm a huge Mike Bibby fan, but not sure if he alone can will this team to do any better then last season. Not a believer in Larry Brown and I think Charlotte will actually regress as Larry alienates his young team probably at some point.

Western Conference

(4) Utah Jazz 53-29
(7) Portland Trailblazers 47-35
Denver Nuggets 41-41
Oklahoma City Thunder 23-59
Minnesota Timberwolves 20-62

Northwest analysis: The Jazz should be about the same team as last season however if Boozer can stay healthy that will help. With some improvement from Ronnie Brewer and getting more out of Andrei Kirilenko this team should be a major force in the West. Portland stands to be one of the more improved teams with the addition of Greg Oden look for him to average a double double and help propel Portland to the playoffs. Denver Nuggets are due to drop off this is a team that played all offense and no defense with the loss of Marcus Camby don't expect much more then .500 at best. It will be a long first season in Oklahoma City however maybe they can at least finish fourth instead of fifth. Minnesota is going to struggle again this season.

(1) LA Lakers 63-19
(5) Phoenix Suns 52-30
LA Clippers 40-42
Golden State Warriors 38-44
Sacramento Kings 30-52

Pacific analysis: Lakers should be improved with the addition of Bynum. Bynum is the missing interior piece that the Lakers missed dearly in the finals last season. He could very well have an all star appearance in his future. Look out for Jordan Farmar sooner or later this kid is going to take off and show that he ready to be the starting point guard. Lakers should win the division and get home field throughout the post season. The Suns I think will be improved just not in the win column. Terry Porter was a very good hire and he will get this team to play some kind of defense. The Clippers are getting a lot of hype and they should be if they still had Brand they would easily probably make the playoffs. I just don't know if the big additions minus some big subtractions will improve this team greatly enough to get them in the post season. They will improve though with Baron Davis enough for the playoffs though I think not. The Warriors and the Kings are both looking at drop off seasons.

(2)New Orleans Hornets 58-24
(3) Houston Rockets 57-25
(6) San Antonio Spurs 51-31
(8) Dallas Mavericks 47-35
Memphis Grizzles 18-64

Southwest analysis: This is an absolute beast of a division that could see three teams potentially finish first. I think the Hornets are the best team here with the addition of Posey should help this team at the very least match what they did last season. Look for Chris Paul to put up another MVP type season. Houston Rockets stand to be a great team if they can stay healthy. With the addition of Ron Artest your looking at a solid big 3 in Houston. The only question is will Artest negative things he brings to a team not affect them. I think the Spurs stand to drop off a little. Manu Ginobili is hurting and will miss some key time early. Look for the Spurs to be peaking come playoff time though. The Mavericks should be able to do just enough to make the post season as I see the bottom half of the Western Conference dropping off slightly. The Grizzles are a bad team in a brutal division they might improve just not in standings.

Season Awards

MVP- Chris Paul- I see Chris Paul getting his first MVP last season many felt he should of won however it rightfully went to Bryant. I think Kobe Bryant will have to do something better then last season to get it not sure if I see it. I see Kobe Bryant having another deserving season however the media will favor Paul.

Comeback Player- Andrew Bynum- Look for Andrew to make the all star team and have a great season. Helping lead the Lakers to another division title.

Sixth Man- Lamar Odom- If Odom subjects himself to the bench I can see great things from him. Lamar could easily win sixth man of the year this season as he will be the best player coming of the best teams bench.

All NBA First Team
Amare Stoudemire C
Tim Duncan F
LeBron James F
Kobe Bryant G
Chris Paul G

All NBA Second Team
Kevin Garnett C
Dwight Howard F
Dirk Nowitzi F
Derron Williams G
Dwayne Wade G

All NBA Third Team
Yao Ming C
Paul Pierce F
Chris Bosh F
Steve Nash G
Baron Davis G

Playoff Predictions

Eastern Conference Quarter Finals

Vs. = in 6
Vs. = in 5
Vs. = in 6
Vs. = in 7

Eastern Conference Semi Finals

Vs. = in 6
Vs. = in 6

Eastern Conference Finals

Vs.  = in 6

Western Conference Quarter Finals

Vs. = in 5
Vs. = in 6
Vs. = in 7
Vs. = in 7

Western Conference Semi Finals

Vs. = in 6

Vs. = in 7

Western Conference Finals

Vs. = in 7

NBA Finals

Vs. = in 6

NBA Champions

The Lakers will win it all with a 4-1 series win over Dallas, a 4-2 epic win over the Suns a series built as Shaq's last chance should be a classic, a 4-3 classic Western Conference finals that sees the home team hold serve in the first two games each. Then sees the Hornets shock the Lakers in game 5 only to have the Lakers return the favor in game 6 in New Orleans and then finish them off in a classic game 7 in Staples. Then the Lakers will take care of Boston in the finals grabbing a 3-1 lead much like Boston did last season and finishing of the Celtics in 6. Getting the payback they are looking for and Kobe Bryant gets the finals MVP. I know I'm being a homer, but if the Lakers stay healthy it is title or bust this season!!!!!
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